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“An epic band on the brink of excellence

Da Roosta Show
Based in Saint Helier, Jersey
Founded in 1987
Genre: #Rock #Gothic
Label: Secret Sin Records

   Guillotine Dream Originally formed in the South West of England in the distant past, the very young members of Guillotine Dream soon relocated to the Channel Island and tax haven of Jersey. Bassist Lake was still in school at this time, so rehearsals and gigs were few and far between. This is a tradition that the band continues to the present day. Live shows tend to a dangerous affair for all involved due to a lack of any lighting and illegal levels of smoke. Wearing their distinctive and terrifying masks, the band members claim to not even know who each other are, but they are also reknowned for being complete and utter gobshites.


   In recent times GD have played gigs notable for setting off fire alarms due to excessive dry ice, and featuring some ...unique... on-stage dancing, as well as a guest appearance on Stoke Gifford local radio in Bristol where they were interrogated by the bemused DJ, and met some delightful members of the local police force. Sound crew have almost walked out on them, pub owners have turned a blind eye to their antics, and grown men have nearly wept at their gigs. Usually because they couldn't find the exit fast enough.


   Their latest EP 'Something Shining, Something Bright' was recorded in 2018 at a secret location (the band were pissed-up and can't remember) in Somerset, and features cover art shamelessly ripped from a stock photo website.

Current Members:


Arc - Vocals, guitars

Mapk - Drums, extra vocals

Lake - Bass, upright bass

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Secret Sin Records,

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